Two weeks to go until AFTERWARDS hits the shops!

Two weeks to go until AFTERWARDS hits the shops!

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With precisely two weeks to go until Rosamund Lupton's second novel Afterwards is published, the buzz is really starting to build in the office.

It's been an absolutely brilliant book to work on and we're all so excited to be publishing it. Everything from the bound proofs, to the ad campaign looks fantastic and our publicity department have lined up lots of reviews and interviews – watch this space!

When an author has a successful debut, the anticipation for their next book is almost palpable, and when that debut is as outstanding as Sister, the pressure is really on! But Afterwards is a simply stunning novel. It's powerful, moving, page-turning, with characters that really get under your skin.

Working on the desk edit of this book means that I've read it from start to finish several times, but every time I read the last few pages I'd feel goose-bumps creeping up my neck and my eyes would start to well up, even though I practically knew it off by heart. Recently, listening to some audio clips that Rosamund has recorded for the enhanced ebook set me off again!

Such a special book is a really rare thing, and we hope that you agree and enjoy reading it as much as we've loved working on it.

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