Praise continues to flood in for New York Times Bestseller Proof of Heaven

Praise continues to flood in for New York Times Bestseller Proof of Heaven

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This time last month, we published Proof of Heaven, the remarkable memoir from renowned neuroscientist Dr Eben Alexander which charts his miraculous near-death experience.

We have been incredibly excited by the fantastic response the book has been getting from readers both here and across the globe.

In the United States:
Proof of Heaven has already spent two weeks at number one on the New York Times paperback non-fiction bestseller list (as well as reaching number 2 in the non-fiction ebook charts).

The book also received a rather exciting endorsements from Oprah favourite and bestselling life coach Martha Beck:

'I highly recommend this quick and fascinating read. You definitely want to go on this ride with the good doctor.’

And international bestseller Anne Rice (via Twitter):

‘Congrats to Eben Alexander on the publication of his book, "Proof Of Heaven." Great book.’

In the UK:
Proof of Heaven continues to race up the Amazon rankings whilst racking up a number of 5 star reviews:

‘A wonderful story. I read this book at one sitting. I'd love everyone to read it and believe it. I'm now going to re-read it and savour every word!’

‘I read the entire book yesterday and am going back to the beginning today. It isn't one you should dismiss without reading it for yourself and (forgive the cliché) it might change your life. Other NDE accounts convince in varying degrees. This one stands head and shoulders above the rest.’

‘A fantastic book and everyone should read it. Even if you are a sceptic it will make you think!’

‘A very very interesting and enjoyable read. It opens your mind to so much and leaves you a happier, more content person.’

‘A very human story and the explanations of his experience ring true. Read it ─ you might very well enjoy it and it certainly will give you some food for thought.’

‘A pleasure to read − I purchased it for two friends and we all agree it is worthy of re-reading just to feel that sense of wonder that heaven and all that we try to imagine about the afterlife exists. Brilliant.’

If you haven’t done so already, do take a look at this great extract from the book. For those who have already read and enjoyed Proof of Heaven, do continue to keep your thoughts coming in on, via the comments box below or on Facebook and Twitter using #proofofheaven and #ebenalexander.

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