Our Christmas Wish List!

Our Christmas Wish List!

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The countdown to Christmas has offically begun, with only 20 days to go we're sharing with you the things that we are hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year! Let us know what you are hoping to find. . .!

Madeleine Feeny, our Junior Press Officer is wishing for a Kindle to read all her favourite books on, a sewing machine to create wonderful dresses on and The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. As we are doing a charity run in January to support our Sphere author, Ruth Field and her book Run Fat B!tch Run, Madeleine also wished for really good post-Christmas weather – fingers crossed!

When we asked Zoe Goodkin what she liked for Christmas she told us that she would love some cosy slipper socks to pad around in and a copy of The Little Book of Diet Help by Kimberly Willis to help her out once the holiday period is over!

Hannah Hargrave is hoping for a Christmas jumper just like this one to get her into the festive mood, all we need now is some mulled wine! Do you have a favourite Christmas jumper that you snuggle up in? Send in your pictures reading your fav book and we will put up on the website!

 When we asked Jillian what she'd like for Christmas she said that,

'I’d like a first edition of Lord of the Rings (OK bit hopeful!), lots of chocolate and a weekend away at a nice seaside gastro pub'

Alice Davis is thinking of next year and is hoping to find 2012: The Year of the Mayan Prophecy under her tree. 2012: The Year of the Mayan Prophecy is a literary and metaphysical epic that binds together the cosmological phenomena of our time, ranging from crop circles to quantum theory to the worldwide resurgence of shamanism, supporting the Mayan prophecy that the year 2012 will bring an unprecedented global shift. A really interesting and absorbing read!  

Our Commissioning Editor Donna Condon was quick to respond with her list:

  Being able to spend Christmas in two countries so I could spend it with both my family in Ireland and my fiancé in England

  Snow, but not so much as to disrupt travel! 

  The tasting menu at The Fat Duck

  Winning the lotto (hey, a girl’s got to dream!)


What would you like to find under the Christmas tree this year?


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