Jeffrey Siger and his Grecian Adventures. . .

Jeffrey Siger and his Grecian Adventures. . .

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Here at Piatkus, we are really excited about the publication of Jeffrey Siger’s fantastic new book An Aegean Prophecy which will be out in paperback on the 13th of January. This is the third book in Siger’s crime series staring alluring homicide detective Andreas Kaldis.

His fast-paced mystery thrillers, laced with local history and mythology, are guaranteed to provide you with a thrilling read. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Siger now lives and writes in Mykonos, Greece – his adopted home for the last twenty five years. We had a chat with him to find out how travel and culture has shaped his writing. . .

What inspired you to write An Aegean Prophecy?

One December morning I was sitting in a harbor café on Florida’s west coast sharing stories with some Mykonos friends there on holiday. One asked if I was familiar with the holy island of Patmos where John wrote the Book of Revelation. I said I’d been there many times and at one point knew it almost as well as I did Mykonos. When I mentioned its famous 1000 year-old monastery, he started talking about another religious haven, the isolated Greek peninsula of Mount Athos where twenty monasteries continue the traditions of the world’s oldest monastic community, living as they have for 1500 years, shrouded in mystery and harboring the secrets of Byzantium. When the subject turned to a modern day financial scandal involving perhaps the most influential of Mount Athos' monasteries in events that brought down the Greek government, I had my 'Eureka' moment of inspiration for An Aegean Prophecy.

How do you compare living in Greece with New York?

In New York the gyro is made out of ground, pressed lamb but in Greece it’s made with shaved lamb, otherwise the places are identical. Okay, there are a few more differences, although both are fumbling through ways of addressing a new national political and financial order. Culturally, New Yorkers have a reputation for a life geared to the demands of business, while Greeks share a Mediterranean attitude encouraging a slower, kinder-pace approach to life. I find Greece more to my liking, even though I know how to handle New York. I much prefer having my friends invite me to go spear fishing in the afternoons than to participate in one conference after another.

How has travel inspired your writing?

Cultural differences add dramatic touches, and each locale has its own unique sense of place to capture, but what inspires me most are the people and their stories. They share adventures and bring to life events that I could never have imagined had I stayed with Dorothy and Toto in Kansas.

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