Have the Confidence to be Yourself

Have the Confidence to be Yourself

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Dr Brian Roet'sThe Confidence to be Yourself hits the bookshops today. We delved into the paperback to find some confidence boosters just for you. . .

  • Building confidence  consists of small actions that add to your confidence

- Think of a situation that you have avoided in the past but feel you are almost able to do – this is the aim.

Write down what you actually require to progress towards fulfilling doing what you have avoided in the past.

  • Focus on the positive outcomes of your action not on the fears and concerns.

- Be aware of your feelings and again focus on the positive feelings you will have when you complete your aim.

- Spend some quiet time imagining the sequence of events that will occur to lead to your aim (a dress rehearsal).

- Make a time frame as to when you are going to do what is required.

- Just do it and praise youself when it is completed whatever the outcome.

  • Focus on another aspeect of your life you would like to improve.

- Choose a role model whom you believe would be confident and comfortable with this aspect.

- During the day imagine how your role model would act, feel and speak.

- 'Brainwash' yourself with your role model's attitude so you can feel as they would.

- Put your 'brainwashing' into practice.

This section is from Chapter 20 of The Confidence to be Yourself which is available from Piatkus now.


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