Fantastic endorsements for Conscious Medicine just in!

Fantastic endorsements for Conscious Medicine just in!

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Read on below for some fabulous endorsements of Gill Edwards' Conscious Medicine.

'I join Gill Edwards in heralding Conscious Medicine as the essential sustainable healthcare reform for our time. Because she speaks from the heart of her own experience she conveys skillfully and precisely each step in this humane revolution. You can feel your cells reorganize as you read her trustworthy words of guidance and inspiration’
Dr Stephanie Mines, neuropsychologist and author of We Are All In Shock

'A quiet revolution is taking place in medicine, in which consciousness is honored as a major factor in healing. Rather than occupying a minor place on the sidelines of health, it has assumed a vital role.  Conscious Medicine reveals why’
Larry Dossey, MD

Conscious Medicine shows us how medicine could be if we applied all that is known now about the body, its energies, and the intelligent force fields that surround us and surge through us.  The book is expansive like the consciousness it describes, taking us on a survey of some of the most exciting ideas and healing methods of the past decade and putting them into a lively perspective.  I recommend it highly’
Donna Eden, author, Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

'This wonderful book provides a vital roadmap for anyone who has any confusion about how to activate the mind/body connection for healing. You'll be fascinated by the most convincing scientific and medical facts that will dispel any doubts, while clear easy-to-follow examples and exercises pave the way for clear understanding. Just reading this book will uplift you and help you release stress and heal’
Arielle Essex, NLP Master and author of Compassionate Coaching

Conscious Medicine will be available to buy from Piatkus from 18 November 2010.

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