Ever wondered what would happen if Carrie Bradshaw met a vampire?

Ever wondered what would happen if Carrie Bradshaw met a vampire?

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Betsy Taylor knows her Jimmy Choos from her Manolo Blahniks and has a tendency to be drawn to any shop window display featuring sparkly bracelets and butter-soft leather clutch bags. So, she's just your average city girl. Apart, of course, from the fact that she's a Vampire Queen on a mission to save the world (provided she still has time to shop!)

MaryJanice Davidson's fabulous undead series mixes Sex and the City style and glamour with a paranormal vampire twist. The result is a laugh-out-loud read, from the perspective of a wonderfully witty heroine.

Of course, it's not all a bed of roses being Queen of the Vampires, but at least if you're undead you don't need to worry about botoxing out your laughter lines (Samantha would be so jealous . . .)

Check out the latest installment of the Undead series Undead and Unfinished out in paperback today:

Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor is fed up of trying to decipher the strange things prophesied in The Book of the Dead. At the end of her tether, she strikes a deal with Satan who promises to help – if she and her half-sister Laura pay a visit to Hell.

Hell, it would seem, is more terrifying than Betsy could have ever imagined – a waiting room with bad carpeting, re-runs of 70s TV shows and ancient Good Housekeeping magazines. But when Betsy and Laura find themselves catapulted back and forth through time, they realise they could seriously screw everything up for good . . .

'Think Sex and the City . . . filled with demons and vampires' Publishers Weekly

'Quirky, sexy, truly funny and refreshingly different gothic chick lit' Bookseller

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