Bublé is back!

Bublé is back!

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Michael Bublé has just released a deluxe special edition of his Christmas album in time for the festive season. But if listening to him isn't enough, then our book Michael Bublé: The Biography, is a fantastic read, giving you a real insight into the man behind the music. Christmas has always been a special time for Michael and his family, and it was a Christmas song that first inspired him to sing:

There is always a temptation, if not to rewrite the past, at least to decorate it, and if truth be told, it was not until he was in his teens that it began to become apparent that Michael had an exceptional voice. But that love of music was implanted very early on. As far as he can recall, it began in earnest at the tender age of four. Michael heard Bing Crosby singing 'White Christmas', and that was it: he was hooked. 'Those swinging arrangements,' he recalled of that moment when he first heard Bing sing. 'I thought, "Wow, this is great." Even now, I can sing you any sax line from that record'.

Michael Bublé: The Biography is available to buy now from all good bookshops. It is also available to download as an e-book from all the major e-book retailers, so you can read it on your Kindle, iPad, Kobo or Sony Reader.

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