Beat the winter blues with Donna Eden

Beat the winter blues with Donna Eden

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Summer seems a long way off and those New Year resolutions are just getting tougher to stick to. Why not give yourself a little pick-me-up with these quick and easy exercises from The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with Dondi Dahlin?

For more than three decades, Donna Eden has been teaching people how to work with the body's energy systems to reclaim their health and natural vitality. Her abilities as a healer are legendary. She has taught some eighty thousand people worldwide, both laypeople and professionals. Now you too can enjoy the benefits of Donna's energy medicine.


ENERGY EXERCISE 1: Homolateral/Cross-crawl Repatterning

This exercise gives you more energy and can really help to lift you out of a low mood. You will also find yourself thinking more clearly too.

Step 1. Homolateral March: While standing, lift your left arm and left leg simultaneously. As you let them down, raise your right arm and right leg. Repeat this action several times.


Step 2. Cross-Crawl: Lift your left arm and right leg simultaneously. As you let them down, raise your right arm and left leg. Repeat several times.

Begin the sequence with the Homolateral March (same leg, same arm). Repeat the march 4 to 5 times before switching to the Cross-Crawl (opposite leg, opposite arm). Repeat the Cross-Crawl 4 to 5 times. Go back and forth between the Homolateral March and the Cross-Crawl several times until you feel that they are easy and comfortable to do. You should also feel re-energized. Always end the sequence with the Cross-Crawl.

Why not try out the following exercise with a friend?


ENERGY EXERCISE 2: Holding Another's Stress Points

When you are feeling stressed or anxious, blood leaves your forebrain and goes into your trunk and limbs to support the fight-or-flight response. When you hold the neurovascular points (the two areas on your forehead located an inch above each eye), the electromagnetic energy in your fingers draws the blood back into your forebrain and lifts you out of stress.  

How to do it: your partner should find a comfortable place to sit. Place the palm of one hand on your partner's forehead and the other hand on the back of the head. Ask your partner to breathe slowly and deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Hold the position for 3 to 4 minutes. Alternatively, place your fingertips on your partner's forehead, touching the area above the eyes, and wrap your hands around the temples. This exercise is great for calming heightened emotions.

 For more quick and easy techniques to help you put an end to stress, fatigue, mood swings, worry and anxiety, read The Little Book of Energy Medicine. This handy pocket guide is available from all good bookshops. You can also download it as an ebook from all major ebook retailers, so you can read it on your Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook or Sony Reader.


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