A note from the Editor . . .

A note from the Editor . . .

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Rosamund Lupton's editor Emma Beswetherick shares her thoughts on working with Rosamund on her eagerly anticipated second novel Afterwards.

As Rosamund Lupton’s editor – and what a privilege it is – I’m gearing up for the publication of her second novel Afterwards with a huge amount of anticipation and excitement. It really is an exceptional novel, and for those who read and loved Sister I can honestly say that Afterwards is even more masterfully written. In fact, I really do wish I could experience reading it again for the first time as the goose bumps it gave me will never be forgotten.

It is both a very smart crime story and a highly original piece of creative fiction. It begins with a fire at a school and a mother, Grace, running in to rescue her daughter. The police quickly discover the fire was arson. Only Grace knows they’ve blamed the wrong person and it’s up to her to protect her family. But Grace is in a coma.

The story is narrated by Grace as she looks back at what happened during the lead-up to the fire and watches the criminal investigation unfold before her. It is gripping, moving and incisively intelligent – a bit like The Lovely Bones meets Kate Atkinson at her most page-turning – and is guaranteed to touch everyone who reads it. 

So good luck, Rosamund, on the launch of Afterwards. It has been a pleasure to edit you and watch your art evolve, and I cannot wait for all your readers to share in my excitement at what really is a stunning achievement.

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