Reader review: Yearn by Tobsha Learner

Reader review: Yearn by Tobsha Learner

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Tobsha Learner writes erotica for the thinking woman.

We love her fresh, funny, unique and inspiring approach to erotica, but we wanted to know what real women think. So, we offered readers the chance to win a copy of Quiver, Tremble or Yearn to review.

Below, reader Silvia reviews Yearn. . .

There's more in erotic fiction than just sex and Yearn is definitely a proof of that. What keeps your attention alive and enthralled are the stories with the right dose of mystery in it and the sensuality everything develops with. Sex is exciting, but you yearn for it thanks to the passion the author uses to describe every emotion, and that is what makes you feel part of the story and gives you shivers all along.

With her captivating imagination, Tobsha Learner has written a very beautiful erotic short story collection, and she has done an incredible job linking all her nine short stories in a way the reader can only be amazed by finding out the connection between each one of them.

An absolutely well written erotic fiction anthology you can only yearn for!

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