Win a copy of Jane Eyrotica!

Win a copy of Jane Eyrotica!

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We hope everyone is getting as excited about the publication of Jane Eyrotica as we are! We love the idea of someone taking a favourite classic story and giving it a new twist (and a sexy one, at that)!

We got to thinking: if it wasn't Jane Eyre, which classic story would we want made erotic? Would we stick to the Brontë sisters, read Jane Austen or travel into the more recent past? We're more curious about what you think . . . !

So, now that we're all familiar with what the erotic mash-up is, it's time for you to take a turn. We're giving you the chance to win a free copy of Jane Eyrotica by Charlotte Brontë and Karena Rose by entering the below competition:

Log onto Twitter on the 1st of November and answer this question: ‘If you could write an erotica mash-up, what would it be?’

That's it! Just share your thoughts with us on publication day using the hashtag #eroticamashup and we'll pick one lucky winner to recieve a free copy.

Good luck!


Jane Eyre has lived a sheltered, callous life. Orphaned at a young age and despised by her remaining family, she is shipped off to Lowood School and can only dream of tenderness and affection. Upon accepting a governess position at Thornfield Hall, a world of passion, desire and sex explodes before her naive eyes in the form of the brooding, dashing master of the house: Mr Rochester.

After playful attempts to evade Mr Rochester's advances, Jane finds herself succumbing to his savage, brutal lust and losing herself in the intense heat of her yearning. Jane believes that beneath Mr. Rochester's dark, handsome and sometimes brutal exterior there must be a heart, and she is desperate to find love in his hungry caresses. But then, she discovers something in the attic . . . and everything she thought she knew about Rochester is changed for ever.

Sex collides with corsets in a burst of erotic ecstasy and dark secrets, and one of literature's finest novels will never be read the same again. Published on the 1st of November!!



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