Win a copy of Afterlives of the Rich and Famous!

Win a copy of Afterlives of the Rich and Famous!

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For decades – on television, in consultations, and in packed auditoriums across America – renowned psychic Sylvia Browne has been asked one question again and again: ‘What is my favourite celebrity doing on the Other Side?’ In Afterlives of the Rich and Famous, you can follow the red carpet into the heart of the spirit world as Browne reveals intimate details of how some of our most cherished actors, musicians and public figures have fared since their deaths.

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of the book, match up the list of celebrities with the correct extract and submit your answer by filling in the short form below (for full Terms and Conditions, please click here). Good luck!

1.‘Like everyone else on the Other Side, she looks back on her most recent lifetime with increasing clarity. She knows she was bipolar. She knows that she was at her most comfortable when she was acting – pretending to be someone else. She knows that if she’d lived a long life, she would never have been the icon she’s become. She just wants those who try to emulate her not to fall into the same trap she did, the excess that comes with fame. People stop saying no to you. You stop saying no to yourself. And before long you’ve forgotten what a loving word “no” can be.’

2.‘Since his latest incarnation he’s begun specializing as a physical therapist for those who arrive with unintended prescription drug overdoses and addictions. He also returned with a passion for filmmaking, both in front of and behind the camera. “Loved the work, hated the fame,” he often says. He exhaustively studies current films in production around the world, and, in anticipation of his next incarnation, which will begin in 2016, he’s being trained as a film editor by the enormously gifted Verna Fields and honing his acting skills under the private tutelage of Spencer Tracy, whom he’s always admired.’

3.‘He lives communally with a large, fluid group of friends on what corresponds to your island of Tasmania, where he continues composing beautiful songs of peace and unity and infusing them to a young Rastafari musician named Muata, who lives in western Ethiopia. He is also one of our most popular performers, joining a wide variety of other musicians from Jim Croce and Jimi Hendrix to Louis Armstrong and Andres Segovia for brilliant concerts throughout the Other Side. It might interest you on earth to know that his song “One Love” is as familiar and beloved at Home as it is here. He’s an avid soccer and lacrosse player and, always a passionate master craftsman, has begun creating his own bass guitars to give to his many music students.’

4.‘He will devote his voice and his talent as a composer to his devout Catholicism, writing hymns and performing them solely for church services and special events. He feels that he sacrificed depth and introspection for fame and wealth in his last life, and in this new life he intends to contribute to this world in quiet, thoughtful, charitable anonymity by becoming a monk and working with the poor throughout the French countryside’

5. ‘After giving a thrilling series of sixteen concerts joined by dozens of transcended musicians, singers and dancers. He then returned to the life that brings him great joy: entertaining, giving dance instruction, and living among countless animals. He frequently visits his children and his mother on earth’

6.‘His life here is, in many ways, a continuation of his last incarnation. He’s deeply spiritual and a great student of both Buddhism and Hinduism. (He and George Harrison are often seen meditating and taking long, pensive walks together, now that George is Home as well.) He’s brilliantly witty and continues writing books for his own amusement. He continues performing and writing music, often collaborating with his friend Harry Nilsson’


A: Bob Marley

B: John Lennon

C: Marilyn Monroe

D: Heath Ledger

E: Elvis Presley

F: Michael Jackson

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous is available to buy now from all good bookshops. It is also available to download as an e-book from all the major e-book retailers, so you can read it on your Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook or Sony Reader.

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