What does your Guardian Angel look like?

What does your Guardian Angel look like?

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Our imaginative forces have a strong tendency to search our mental records for some useful reference to describe what we are experiencing. Angels don’t wear gowns and they don’t have wings, but our minds create images in order to process the information from celestial helpers, guides, Angels and other invisible beings, in a way we can understand. This means that people who receive an image of their Guardian Angel often see it looking like the classic picture of an Angel, with white wings, a luminous white gown and a golden halo, but, on occasions, spiritual seekers are surprised because an unexpected vision appears . . .

Patricia’s Story

Patricia had been brought up as a Roman Catholic. She did tell me after the Guardian Angel class that she had come along because her husband died a few months earlier and she though I might be able to bring her a message from him. However, I am not a spiritual medium, so that wasn’t what happened. Patricia did my guided visualisation, ‘Journey to meet your Guardian Angel’, and although she had never experienced an inner journey of this kind before, she had a surprise and she shared with the group what she had seen.

An Indian gentleman in a beautiful coloured silk jacket and an elaborate turban, decorated with a big brooch and a feather, had appeared in her inner vision. He smiled sweetly at her, but did not speak. Patricia was very excited by this arrival – and puzzled. She told us about her Catholic background and said that she fully expected to see her Guardian wearing the usual outfit. Why, she asked, would she see an Indian person? I explained that, when given the opportunity, our Soul will find any way it can to prompt us to look at life from a spiritual perspective, instead of basing all our decisions on purely practical concerns. ‘If your Guardian Angel has appeared wearing an Indian costume,’ I said, ‘maybe your Soul is asking you to consider something new and unusual.’

Patricia left the class on cloud nine. She had received something very special and unexpected – not a message from her husband, but an unusual message from her Angel. She wasn’t sure what it meant, but she was open to exploring the possibilities that were calling to her. Later, she got in touch with me and said she had decided, just a few days after the class, to use some of the money coming to her from her husband’s will to go on a trip to India and to see what unfolded.

Kathleen Pepper has been facilitating Angel courses for many years. She uses the title ‘personal’ or ‘special’ Angel for the Guardian Angel, and her own story just goes to show that these Angels can appear in very unlikely costumes.

Kathleen’s Story

One day, when I was facilitating an Angel course, I took the participants through a visualisation to see a special Angel who would be with them to help them. I was surprised when I saw a special Angel for me as well, because I don’t tune in for myself when facilitating a workshop. But there he was, very large and dressed in motorbike leathers. ‘My name is Kenneth,’ he said. ‘I am always with you when you go out by yourself. My work is to protect you.’ He was very insistent that he was not to be called Ken. I would never have imagined that an Angel of Light would look like a biker, but there you are. I know I am always safe. A long time later, I asked him to show me what he is like as a heavenly Angel, an Angel of Light. He showed me that he is enormous, as tall as the room we were in. I don’t visualise Angels with robes of wings. I see their light and colours and usually their eyes. His light was all shades of violet, lilac and amethyst. He is definitely an Angel of Light, working on the violet ray. If anyone noticed him with me in the city, they would see him in his biking leathers.

Guardian Angels can appear in many guises and sometimes we can only experience them as light and sound. Some people don’t ‘see’ anything at all, but feel a warm presence, a comforting feeling, a sensation in the air around their heads or high-pitched singing. Don’t be concerned if you don’t experience strong visual impressions – this doesn’t mean there is no one there for you. The awareness of your Guardian Angel is an interior experience and will be unique to you. But, there is one thing everyone has in common: anyone who has felt the presence of their Guardian angel will you they immediately felt comforted, secure and loved.

This extract has been adapted from Your Guardian Angel Needs You! by Theolyn Cortens. Theolyn has channelled celestial messages for over thirty years and has a Master’s degree from the University of Wales, based on her angel research. She is a qualified adult education teacher and runs workshops and diploma courses in developing spiritual awareness through contact with angels.



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