Welcome to the Worlds of Jayne Ann Krentz

Welcome to the Worlds of Jayne Ann Krentz

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This year we are really excited to be publishing 3 new titles by Jayne Ann Krentz under her different pen names; Jayne Castle, Amanda Quick and of course, Jayne Ann Krentz. We asked JAK to tell us a little more. . .

'Welcome to Rainshadow Island, the setting for CANYONS OF NIGHT (written under Jayne Castle).  This story is the conclusion of the Looking Glass Trilogy.  It is also the beginning of a new series of adventures on Harmony.  In the Rainshadow novels you will meet the passionate men and women who are drawn to this remote island in the Amber Sea.  You will also get to know their friends and neighbors in the community of Shadow Bay.  I invite you to be a part of their lives; lives that are deeply entwined with the island’s dark and mysterious history.   Turns out there are as many dangerous secrets aboveground on Harmony as there are in the underworld.   And, yes, there will be dust bunnies!

I sincerely thank those of you who have followed the stories of the men and women of the Arcane Society through my three fictional landscapes – past, present and future.  I do realize that this series is not the easiest to follow, what with me writing the books under three names in three different time periods.  Trust me, I never intended to end up with so many pen names! But here I am and I want you to know that I appreciate my adventurous readers more than you can possibly imagine. 

I thought you might like to know what lies ahead.  In 2012 I will untangle my three names and my three worlds.  Yes, I will still be writing novels of psychic romantic-suspense but the stories will no longer cross through my three names. As I mentioned, CANYONS OF NIGHT starts a new series on Harmony.  But wait, there’s more! 

COPPER BEACH (under my Jayne Ann Krentz name) is the first book in a new contemporary series, the Dark Legacy Novels.  In this series you will meet the Coppersmith Family, a clan with a mysterious past committed to guarding a dangerous secret. 

In CRYSTAL GARDENS (under my Amanda Quick name) you will be introduced to the ladies of the Flint & Marsh agency in Lantern Street, London.   The stories are set in the Late Victorian era and feature the psychic suspense adventures and passions of these spirited, strong-willed women who are obliged to earn their livings as hired companions.  But these ladies are not your ordinary paid companions – they are actually private inquiry agents employed by the very discreet Flint & Marsh agency. Their assignments take them into some of the most exclusive homes where they confront dark family secrets and dangerous passions

I hope you will enjoy these three new series of psychic romantic-suspense.'


Jayne Ann Krentz

To find out more about Jayne Ann Krentz (and of course, Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick) then please click here.

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