Vital Signs for Cancer

Vital Signs for Cancer

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The BBC announced last week that more and more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before but with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle the risk of getting cancer can be significantly reduced.

In the build up to Cancer Awareness Month in March we are looking at Xandria Williams’ book Vital Signs for Cancer. Vital Signs is based on Xandria Williams’ unique in-depth research into the complementary approach to preventing cancer, drawing on her own work with patients at her clinic.

Xandria provides accessible and practical advice on how to avoid cancer and monitor good health and what to do if you are afraid you may have cancer or be at risk of developing cancer. She provides details on complementary and alternative (CAM) approaches to follow that can be used safely alongside medical treatment. Xandria Williams also advises on how you can remain cancer free if you are in remission and want to avoid a recurrence.

Over the next few weeks keep a look out on our twitter feed and website for tips and advice from Xandria’s book. . .

Xandria sees clients in both London and Ireland. She also works long distance with clients by phone or Skype.

She can be contacted on:-

Tel:       London            + (44) 020-7824-8153

Mobile             + (44) 07509-121-303

Texts:               + (44) 07490-836-673

Ireland              + (353) 046-973-1191

Email: or you can even skype her. Her contact name is: xandriaw

For more information please visit her website at:

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