Twelve days to a stress-free Christmas: Day 12

Twelve days to a stress-free Christmas: Day 12

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Today is our very last tip for a stress-free Christmas! Mindfulness authors Dr Danny Penman and Professor Mark Williams have produced a handy twelve-day guide to make sure your Christmas is filled with peace and harmony. Using techniques from mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), this twelve-day guide is designed to help you break the cycle of anxiety, stress and exhaustion. Don't worry if you missed the previous tips, you can read them on our website.


Day 12: Appreciate the here and now

At Christmas it's so easy to be swept away by successive waves of longings, cravings and desires. We are bombarded by messages urging us to spend more and more money on presents for ourselves and for others − even if we don't have the money and the presents are neither needed nor wanted.

Why not spend a little time taking stock of the 'here and now'? Become still and take a look around. How does 'now' look to you? You don't have to wait for the future to be an improvement on the present. You can find it here, in this moment.

Which activities, things or people in your life make you feel good? Can you give additional appreciative attention and time to these people and activities? Consciously write them down and gently resolve to pay them more attention.

Can you pause for a moment when pleasant moments occur? Help yourself pause by noticing:

  • What body sensations you feel at these moments?
  • What thoughts occur to you?
  • What feelings do you have?


If you found the twelve-day guide to a stress-free Christmas helpful, why not share it with a friend and spread a little peace this Christmas?

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Professor Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman is published by Piatkus.

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