The Reiki Manual wins the 2012 Nautilus Silver Award

The Reiki Manual wins the 2012 Nautilus Silver Award

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We are delighted to announce that The Reiki Manual by Penelope Quest and Kathy Roberts has won the 2012 Nautilus Silver Award (US). The Nautilus Awards recognise 'books and audio books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change, while at the same time stimulating the imagination and offering the reader new possibilities for a better life and a better world.' Each nominated book is judged by experienced teams of book reviewers, librarians, authors, editors, book shop owners and leaders in the US publishing industry.

Last year Penelope, a leading expert with a wealth of experience as a Reiki Master and former Vice-Chairman and Education Co-ordinator for the UK Reiki Federation, also won a Silver Award for Reiki for Life, which was re-released this April as a fully revised and updated edition.

The Reiki Manual provides guidance and much-needed support for students, practitioners and teachers who want to ensure best practice of this ancient healing art. It can be used as preparation for, or during Reiki workshops, and also by people who have already taken Reiki courses and want more information. The manual contains a wealth of reference material for students who want to become professional practitioners, as well as information about how to become a Reiki Master, and a teaching guide for Masters who wish to expand the scope of the training they can offer to their students. The Reiki Manual can also be used as the foundation for additional courses or workshops on topics such as health and safety and managing a successful practice.

Reiki for Life is the definitive guide to the practice of Reiki techniques for both the beginner and the more experienced Reiki practitioner. This classic text, used by student and professional alike, is available as a fully revised, expanded and updated edition. Whether you want to recap on the basic Reiki routines, follow detailed instruction on First and Second Degree techniques, discover how to use Reiki for spiritual growth or find out how to become a Reiki Master, Reiki for Life covers it all. This new edition now includes even more illustrations to help guide you through each level of Reiki plus the very latest on developments in Reiki training in the West, how the mind-body connection works, the Japanese tradition of Reiki and the legal requirements for Reiki practitioners.

The Reiki Manual and Reiki for Life are available from all good bookshops. Both books are also available to download as ebooks from all the major ebook retailers, so you can add these titles to your Kindle, iPad, Kobo or Sony Reader.

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