The Power of Modern Spirituality

The Power of Modern Spirituality

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 William Bloom's The Power of Modern Spirituality is out today. Here he talks about the importance of spirituality in the 21st Century and how to live a life of compassion and personal fulfilment.

'This is a marvellous book full of practical wisdom and helpful suggestions of how to nurture spiritual growth in everyday life' Ursula King, Emeritus Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol and Vice-President if the World Congress of Faiths

'This is a hugely intelligent book. It is a much-needed resource and gift' Rev. Nicola Coombe, Director , One Spirit Interfaith Foundation UK

'If ever a book were needed by our modern world, this is that book' David Spangler, President of the Lorian Association and author of Apprenticed to Spirit

'Brilliant, erudite, intellectually delightful, practical, logical, honest…In an age of beliefs which are often ill-formed, misguided, self-serving and nonsensical, this book succeeds in making sense of the word spirituality and applying it lucidly to our lives. William saves not only our souls but our hearts and brains too. Read it and buy one for everyone you know … Everyone who calls themselves spiritual should read this book so they know what they are talking about. This book will bankrupt me because I want to buy one for everyone I know' Isabel Losada, author The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment

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