The many faces of Kim Noble: a stunning exhibition opens this week

The many faces of Kim Noble: a stunning exhibition opens this week

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This Wednesday saw the opening of a stunning collection of artwork by our very own author Kim Noble at the Bethlem Gallery, Bethlem Royal Hospital. Kim Noble has already garnered acclaim in the art world for her originality and remarkable personal story: Kim has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), the new term for Multiple Personality Disorder. Kim's body plays host to over twenty different personalities, including a little boy who speaks only Latin, a gay man and an anorexic teenager. Some age with her body but others are frozen in time. Without any formal training, thirteen of Kim's personalities create art.

The exhibition, entitled 'One of Many', showcases the variation in styles, colour schemes and themes used by her different personalities. Kim's reputation as an exciting artist has grown over the years and she has been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions.

Kim with Beth Elliott, Gallery Coordinator

Kim Noble at 'One of Many'

You can read all about Kim's incredible story and what it's like to live with multiple personalities in her memoir All of Me, published by Piatkus. 'One of Many' will be at the Bethlem Gallery until the 2nd of December and you can hear Kim talk about her artwork during a special question-and-answer session at the gallery this Saturday at 2.30 p.m. To find out more about the exhibition and gallery, visit

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