The Little Book of Diet Help in action!

The Little Book of Diet Help in action!

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Last night some members of the Little, Brown team were treated to an exclusive workshop with Kimberly Willis, author of The Little Book of Diet Help. Kimberly condensed the information from her ten-week weight-loss course and the book itself into an hour-long session that left us all feeling empowered to take control of our eating habits.

Here are a few simple exercises you can try today:

Win the Temptation Battle!

If you find yourself tempted by snack food – like a bag of crisps, a bar of chocolate, or  a late-night bowl of ice cream – try this exercise:

  • Touch the front part of your ear, that bit of cartilage that sticks out in front of your ear canal.
  • Now, rub this between your thumb and first finger for a few minutes.

This is a strong acupressure point. It will help turn off cravings by redirecting your energy and lowering your appetite.

A Moment of Calm

This two-minute exercise will give your mind and body a quick boost, calming you and allowing you to put life into perspective. Letting your mind have this break will give it the strength it needs to consciously recognise and change your food rules.

    • Place your right hand on your heart.
    • Place your left hand on your stomach, just below your belly button.
    • Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose.
    • Gently drop your shoulders away from your ears.
    • Send yourself a compliment.
    • Bask in this compliment for a few moment before opening your eyes and going on with your day.

Afternoon Energy Boost

It’s 4 p.m. You are tired and you need an energy boost.

Try this exercise as an alternative to going to the vending machine:

    • Stand up.
    • Start marching, lifting your knees high and swinging the opposite arms.
    • Now change to marching with the same arms and legs moving together.
    • Repeat for a minute or two.

The Little Book of Diet Help is THE weight-loss book you’ve been waiting for.

Quick tips, simple strategies and straightforward advice for real people, with real lives, who want to make a change.

Available to buy from 5th January 2012, this pocket-guide is all you need to lose weight and create a happier, healthier relationship with food.

Kimberly Willis is a successful weight-loss specialist who runs courses and works with individual clients to help them lose weight. To find out more, visit





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