The imagination behind Cirque Erotique

The imagination behind Cirque Erotique

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Here at Piatkus we are lucky enough to deal with some very feisty writers, especially those who write for Entice. They travel into some very dark, very sensual places and while we love to lose ourselves in the worlds they create, do we ever imagine how those worlds came about?

Mikki Leone, the author of  Cirque Erotique,  was kind enough to share her inspiration. And surprisingly enough, we start our story in the dentist's office . . .


Before they begin to write a book, any author needs something to inspire them in the first place. 

For me, ideas for my books have originated from many sources: a picture, a building, a location, an overheard conversation or, in the case of Cirque Erotique, an article in a magazine that I came across in my dentist's waiting room.

Under such circumstances, I naturally felt anxious and a little bored, waiting for the patient before me to come out through that dreaded, closed door.  So I reached for a magazine, sat back in my chair and began to browse through it.  

There were a few interesting pieces to read but it was only when I flicked over the pages and discovered an article about a young woman who had used her annual holiday to attend a circus school that I instantly felt a surge of interest.   The article itself was entirely innocent but, like many a decent or (in my case) decadent author, I immediately began to think, 'what if' and, 'just suppose.   Unlike the majority of authors, however, my thoughts started to take a rather lascivious and erotic turn.

It only took the 'classic', at least in my mind, scenario of myself being put in a soft reclining chair, under the masterful hands of a skilled practitioner and the warm glow of a spot-lamp, to really let my fanciful imagination to take flight.   Imprisoned as I was by dextrous fingers and various implements, albeit in my mouth,  I found myself transported to the realms of eroticism. 

All at once, every facet of a circus and its acts burst forth in my mind to create an entire realm of varied characters and sensual promise,which in turn lead to the almost organic creation of the raunchy backdrop and erotic spectacle of the Cirque Erotique …

Hope you enjoy it!


Cirque Erotique is out now on Piatkus Entice!



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