The Cancer Survivor's Companion is nominated Best Health Book Award!

The Cancer Survivor's Companion is nominated Best Health Book Award!

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We are delighted to announce that The Cancer Survivor's Companion by Dr Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins has been nominated for Best Health Book by the Guild of Health Writers!

The Guild of Health Writers is a national, independent, membership organisation representing many of Britain's leading health journalists and writers. The Guild was founded in 1994 to promote high professional standards and provide good quality, accurate health information to the public. The winners of each health award will be announced at a gala reception on the 29th of March.

The Cancer Survivor's Companion is the first book in the UK to really look in depth at cancer survivorship and its emotional fallout. Coping with life after cancer can be tough. The idea that the end of successful treatment brings relief, peace and celebration just isn't true for countless survivors.

Dr Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins help you to deal with the emotional impact of cancer, whether it's days, months or years since your treatment ended. The Cancer Survivor's Companion is packed with simple ways to tackle worry and anxiety, depression and low mood, anger, self-esteem and body image, relationships and sex, fatigue, sleep and relaxation. If you are a cancer survivor, this book is your companion. It is also invaluable if you are supporting a loved one, friend or colleague after cancer.

'As a GP, I wish I could write a prescription for this book for every single person who has ever confronted and then survived cancer'  Dr Hilary Jones

'. . . essential reading for anyone diagnosed with cancer'  Julia Palca, Chairman, Macmillan Cancer Support and cancer survivor

'People living with cancer need clear, down to earth and empowering advice to move beyond their diagnosis. This book is an important tool in that process'  Laura Lee, Chief Executive, Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres

'A wonderful book . . . This is not only full of excellent advice but advice given in the clearest and most practical way'  Sir Peter Stothard, Patron of the Neuroendocrine Tumour Patient Foundation

'the essential companion to all those who have suffered from cancer'  Professor Iain McNeish, Consultant Medical Oncologist, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London

 The Cancer Survivor's Companion is available to buy at £14.99. It is also available to download as an ebook from all of the major ebook retailers, so you can add this title to your Kindle, iPad, Kobo or Sony Reader.


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