Get in the best shape of your life with Your Personal Paleo Diet

Get in the best shape of your life with Your Personal Paleo Diet

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At this time of year our thoughts often turn to improving our health, whether we simply want to enjoy more energy and lose a little weight or address a chronic health problem. Most health books offer a one-size-fits-all solution – this book is different. Written by Chris Kresser, one of the most respected practitioners in the Paleo community, Your Personal Paleo Diet offers a personalised approach to nutrition; one that respects the wisdom of your genetic template but also acknowledges your own unique circumstances and needs. Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of Chris's clients had to say:

'Imagine fitting into the clothes you wore when you were 25! I am 51 years old and I feel as if I was 30 years old again.'

'After 30 days, my IBS has gone and my acne has cleared up. I have tons of energy.'

'I lost about fifteen pounds in the first month. I got my health back and my family's health back.'

Your Personal Paleo Diet is designed exactly for your body, to create the results you want and is based on more than ten years of research, Chris’s own recovery from a debilitating, decade-long illness and his clinical work with patients.

What is a Personal Paleo Diet?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Paleo movement. Millions of people around the world are joining this health revolution based on the latest cutting-edge science, seeking to eat and live in closer harmony with our genetics and biology. Both fossil records and studies of contemporary hunter-gatherer cultures suggest that our Paleolithic forebears enjoyed excellent health: they were lean, fit and apparently free of the chronic diseases that are so prevalent in the twenty-first century. The benefits of mimicking their lifestyle are undeniable, and those who walk the Paleo road report near-effortless weight loss, new-found vitality and often miraculous resolution of the most dire health issues. However, even the most dedicated ‘Paleo purists’ can tire of restricted eating. That’s why this approach is different.

The first step is the 30-Day Reset Diet, which follows a typical Paleo approach very closely. This involves a satisfying diet of lean meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds but avoiding grains, dairy, sugar and refined foods.  The results from Step 1 are amazing. ‘I’m medication free after just 30 days,’ one patient told Chris.

This quick-start eating plan presses the reset button on your diet, targeting and eliminating the modern foods that we aren’t genetically adapted to eat – the foods that are the leading culprits in weight gain and health issues. The programme has been designed so that you’ll feel better right away, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how many of the foods you thought were ‘off-limits’ you can enjoy. You’ll experience improved digestion, reduced inflammation, more energy, and you’ll also burn fat and shed pounds. If you’re like Chris's patients, you’ll feel better than you have in years!

Through years of research Chris discovered that Paleo functions best as a general template, not a rigid prescription. Think of it as a starting point, not a destination. We don’t live in the Paleolithic era anymore. We’re not cavemen, so why should we follow a strict caveman diet? Why should we cut out foods we love and might thrive on, simply because our ancestors didn’t eat them? We’ve evolved and we need a plan that’s evolved to meet our individual needs and preferences. Why not combine the best of ancient wisdom and the best of modern nutrition?

In Step 2: Rebuild, you’ll begin to customise Your Personal Paleo Diet by reintroducing some foods you eliminated during the 30-Day Reset to see how they work for your body. A lot of ‘Paleo purists’ believe we shouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t around at the time of our Paleolithic ancestors. But the science doesn’t support this stance, so neither does Chris. Why rule out dairy, for example, if you thrive on it? Chris will show you his proven method for testing ‘grey area’ foods so that you can rebuild the repertoire of foods you love.

In Step 3: Revive, you’ll take the final steps to creating your unique prescription for optimal health, tweaking Your Personal Paleo Diet until it’s a perfect fit. What’s the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables for your unique needs? What makes you thrive the most? Three meals a day? Six? Intermittent fasting? Chris will help you work all this out and more – including how to be flexible when you need to be so that you can follow Your Personal Paleo Diet for life.

Life is about so much more than what we eat so you’ll also learn other ways to make your life more joyful, such as managing your stress, finding fun ways to move, sleeping more deeply, emphasising pleasure and play, and reconnecting with nature.

This approach has transformed the lives of Chris's patients – and it can do the same for you.

Your Personal Paleo Diet by Chris Kresser is available from all good retailers on the 31st of December 2013. You can also download it as an ebook from all major e-book retailers, so you can read it on your Kindle, Kobo, iPad, Nook or Sony Reader.


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