Spirituality for the twenty-first century girl

Spirituality for the twenty-first century girl

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Stephanie Brookes is the freshest new voice in modern spirituality and we’re thrilled to be publishing her fabulous book. Discover why Stephanie decided to write the book and read an exclusive extract from the introduction here.

How to Be a Spiritual Goddess was the book I always wanted to read as a teenager. Spirituality was a subject that fascinated me from a young age, and one which I wanted to explore further. As a young adult, the books that were on offer to me in the MBS genre were not where I was currently at with my spiritual learning, and I wanted a book that gently introduced the spiritual 'first steps' and that could give me a snapshot of the various spiritual topics from guardian angels, spirit guides, chakras, to opening up my psychic potential . . . it prompted me to write the book which is in front of me now, in all its pink, sassy and spiritual glory!

How to Be a Spiritual Goddess is designed for anyone who has just dipped their toes into the subject, and looking for a fun, light-hearted introduction that will hopefully inspire them to explore the subject further, and set them on their spiritual journey.

As you read this, you may have thought of a friend, cousin or daughter who has mentioned an interest in angels, or has become aware of their aura, or may want to look into meditation further – How to Be a Spiritual Goddess may help answer some of those questions.

It took me until my late twenties to finally put into words my experience and knowledge of spirituality thus far, and what I realised is that a subject as vast as spirituality really has no end, and the possibilities endless, but I would say that it does need a beginning . . . a grounding for which all future spiritual knowledge is built, and I hope that my book can offer that exciting first step.

Stephanie x

Read an extract here:

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘spiritual’? For every person who reads this question, a completely new set of images and ideas may spring to mind.

For me, when I first started getting into the more mystical side of life, I have to admit the images that came to mind were stereotypical to say the least. For one, the word ‘spiritual’ conjured up the idea of the quintessential hippie chick of the 1970s, with tie-dyed skirt, open-toe sandals and a tambourine in hand. Now, how many stereotypes did I just cram into that single image? Perhaps this is the image you have come up with too. Or maybe not.

For some people, the word ‘spiritual’ may sound a bit old-fashioned, perhaps the kind of word your grandparents might use. That, I believe, is the frustrating aspect of the word: it has far too many meanings and becomes totally confusing. No wonder the modern goddess cannot make head nor tail of what it really means.

I decided to take the word ‘spiritual’ and really consider what it meant for me. I knew from an early age that life was holding a special secret close to its chest. I occasionally caught sight of what was behind the ‘ethereal’ veil, but immediately retreated and pretended it didn’t exist. Life’s great hidden secret to me is what is commonly referred to as ‘spiritual’. And it all boils down to this: life is bigger and more fascinating than we could ever imagine in our wildest dreams. Our personal potential is so vast that it would probably scare us to death if we ever fully grasped our true capabilities. And so ‘spiritual’, to me, is the understanding that life has a lot more to offer than first meets the eye.

My first experience of the spiritual occurred as a young child. It was only after a rather awkward confession in my late teens when I was informed that my spooky experience was not an encounter with a ‘ghost’ but in fact, with ‘spirit’. To my astonishment, my confession was not greeted with surprise, or even mild concern for my mental well-being, but a willingness to help me to try to understand what I had experienced.

So why had I kept it a secret for so many years? What was I afraid of? Perhaps it was all tied up with the assumption that we were supposed to stop believing in such things after the age of 12. In 2011, the idea of a spiritual realm no longer seems so farfetched. These days we have entered an age of ‘pick and mix’: a time when we choose which aspect of spirituality fits neatly into our own personal agenda.

I believe today’s modern goddess should be able to incorporate spirituality into her day-to-day life with the ease of putting together a brand new wardrobe. It should be varied, fun and a perfect fit that is uniquely right for her. This book offers an introduction to what modern spirituality can offer you in your life right now:

  • How you can start to tap into your innate psychic ability.
  • How you can utilise the angelic support that is around you right now.
  • How to understand your soul, and how to spot that unique ‘soul mate’.
  • Simple meditative practices for you to learn, which can improve your happiness and well-being.

So whether you are a believer or you are undecided on the psychic or spiritual aspects to life, I say, continue to question. Spirituality is a subject like no other; it has no real beginning or end, and is an ongoing learning process that can only ever be defined by ‘you’. Spirituality has always been uniquely different from one person to the next. Buddhist monks, for example, often retreat to remote locations for years on end in order to meditate on the meaning of life. For the modern goddess, a meditation is often fitted in between a deadline and a shopping date with friends.

And that is exactly the way it should be . . .

Stephanie Brookes is a leading writer on modern spirituality. Her fresh, pragmatic and youthful approach appeals to a wide audience, leading to appearances on BBC Radio 2 and ITV’s This Morning, and interviews in the Daily Express, Company magazine and many more. She is also the ‘Destiny’ writer for mybliss.co.uk. How to Be a Spiritual Goddess is available to buy now, priced at £7.99.

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