Secrets of the Light

Secrets of the Light

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We continue to be delighted by the incredible response to Proof of Heaven, renowned neuroscientist Dr Eben Alexander’s remarkable memoir charting his miraculous near-death experience.

If you enjoyed Proof of Heaven and want to read more on the afterlife, why not try Dannion Brinkley’s Secrets of the Light, the inspirational follow-up to his international bestseller Saved by the Light.

In Secrets of the Light, Brinkley reveals the life-changing lessons and universal truths he has gleaned from the afterlife. With wit, humour, and compassion, he lays out easy-to-follow spiritual guidelines, guaranteed to empower you and bring you health, happiness, and prosperity in this life and beyond.

To celebrate publication of the paperback edition of Secrets of the Light this month, we have an exclusive extract from the book for readers.

An extract from Secrets of the Light, Chapter 22

The Panoramic Life Review

To inspire others to love, to encourage them to dream, and to empower them to keep hope alive are among the most blessed of all achievements. Our simple, spontaneous acts of kindness make the greatest impression on Spirit. A smile given to a stranger, a pat on the back for a discouraged friend, or a meal prepared for someone who is ailing – these are the true marks of compassion in action. Learning to live and love from this place of innocent virtue is a goal we must all set for ourselves.

Through the practice of a daily life review, we can operate in the astral planes. Becoming conscious of our thoughts, words, and deeds while paying attention to the influence they have on life energy all around us is to step into our divinity one day at a time. In this simple way, we help to create the link between Heaven and Earth.

Now let’s take a good look at how to perform the daily life review. I find the moments right before bedtime to be the best time to practice life review exercises. I make sure that I am ready for bed, since the review often lulls me into a deep sleep. In an effort to set the right tone for the review, I play New Age music with a heavenly rhythm. Soft candlelight and aromatherapy using the scent of lavender add to the atmosphere. Of course, using these celestial aesthetics to create heavenly ambiance are completely a matter of personal preference (although if you are as ADHD as my wife says I am, at least try a couple to help you concentrate). Next, I usually do a few light stretches. It is important to clear the mind of clutter just as you would before meditation, so take a few deep conscious breaths. Now you are ready to begin the nightly life review.

  • Think through the day and review the spontaneous events that happened for which you could be considered a blessing. (For example, did you open the door for someone, or put extra money in the parking meter for the next car?)
  • Think over the spontaneous events of the day when someone else was a blessing in your life. Give thanks and take a very deep breath. You have now activated your spiritual recognition of the flow of divinity from the higher dimensions into this one.
  • Assess the events you feel you could have handled differently. Put yourself in the other person’s place to understand the other point of view. If applicable, forgive yourself and surround the situation with light. Plan to make any necessary amends.
  • Say your prayers (your wilful, conscious intentions) and go to sleep.
  • First thing in the morning, count your blessings. A conscious state of gratitude creates a vibratory magnetic field around you that will serve to attract more blessings throughout the day.

I have also found that making to-do lists helps to keep me on track. Of course, I got the idea from all the lists my wife writes for me but, nonetheless, it works. Our minds need to be trained to look for opportunities to help others. To that end, making a daily list of the things we wish to accomplish can be a tremendous asset.

Our spiritual life is as important as anything we do to physically maintain ourselves and the world we live in. Taking the time to practice the daily life review will not only deepen your connection to the upper realms, but it will also produce a flow of joy and beauty in your life unlike anything you could imagine. The immutable universal laws of attraction and correspondence are active every minute of every day. We are constantly attracting people and circumstances into our personal reality based on the thought forms we project and the loving energy we extend. The same holds true for unloving energy. These energies accumulate over the duration of our lives so, during our transition, the panoramic life review brings us face-to-face with the actual effects they produced. We can begin today to secure the fact that, when the moment of truth arrives, the life we review will be one filled with dazzling snippets of service to the spiritual evolution of All That Is.

Secrets of the Light is available in paperback and as an eBook from all good book retailers now. Click here for more information about the book.

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