Sacred Bristol

Sacred Bristol

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Martin Palmer, author of Sacred Land, can ‘read’ any landscape. 

He uses the clues in the shape of the land, the arrangement of the fields, or the architectural features in a town or city to decode our social and religious past.  Martin, who hails from the West Country, has made a wonderful six minute film with Broadstroke production company, which shows him exploring Bristol’s sacred past through the city’s layout, churches, and the shape of its city walls.  The film traces Bristol’s history from medieval times to the modern era, taking in Bristol’s brief period of independence as a free state under Mayor John Taverner in the early 14th century and guiding us through the city’s ancient trading quarter and its industrial past.

Please click on the link below to watch the film:

Sacred Bristol Video

Sacred Land was published by Piatkus as a trade paperback on the 1st March, £16.99. Click here for more information

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