Reveal the Goddess in You!

Reveal the Goddess in You!

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This month we are publishing P.C.Cast's fantastic Goddess of the Rose, part of the Goddess Summoning series in which legends are told with a sexy modern twist. We took this opportunity to ask P.C.Cast about her heroines and her love of legends. . .

Dear Readers,
Okay, I'll admit it – authors have favourite books. I know, I know, books are like children and we don't always want to admit to liking one better than another, but it's true. The Goddess Summoning books are my favourite children.
As with my bestselling young adult series, The House of Night, my Goddess Summoning books celebrate the independence, intelligence, and unique beauty of modern women. My heroes all have one thing in common: they appreciate powerful women and are wise enough to value brains as well as beauty. Isn't respect and appreciation an excellent aphrodisiac?
Delving into mythology and reworking ancient tales is fun! I absolutely adore taking familiar stories and turning them upside-down by giving women center-stage and creating situations where heroes we've known for generations get special happily-ever-afters – thanks to their modern heroines! I mean, wouldn't just about everyone love to give King Arthur's story a happy tweak? (And wasn't he much more interesting than Lancelot! Find out in Goddess of Legend!)  In Goddess of Spring (out next month), I turn my attention to the Persephone/Hades myth, and a send a modern woman to Hell!  Who knew Hell and its brooding god could be hot in so many wonderful, seductive ways?
In Goddess of Troy I revisit the intriguing story of Achilles and the fascinating Iliad.  What if the three goddesses blamed for starting the Trojan War got sick of the whole thing and joined forces to put an end to the fighting – and on the way just happened to change the fate of one of mythology's most famous tragic heros?
Finally we come to what is my favourite of all fairy tales,  Beauty and the Beast.  In Goddess of the Rose I created my own version of this beloved tale, building a magical realm from whence dreams originate – good and bad – and bring to life a beast who absolutely too my breath away!
I hope you enjoy my worlds.  My wish for you is that you discover a spark of goddess magic of your own!
PC Cast
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