Reading this could make you rich!

Reading this could make you rich!

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Last week two major metal-detecting finds were revealed: hospital worker David Crisp unearthed 52,000 Roman coins in Somerset, whilst David Booth discovered an 800-year-old seal in a field in Stirlingshire.

Both men are waiting for their discoveries to be valued but Crisp's find is one of the largest discoveries of Roman coins ever found in Britain, and the well-preserved seal is thought be worth several thousands of pounds.

If you’d like to give metal detecting a try but don’t know where to start, The Treasure Hunter's Handbook by Brian Grove will tell you all you need to know. This comprehensive guide to the many types of treasure that can be found in Britain addresses the practicalities of metal detecting, prospecting for gold, beachcombing and wreck diving. It also includes essential information on the important legal aspects of treasure hunting and features inspiring personal accounts by the finders of buried treasure.

Happy hunting!

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