Reading the Future. . .

Reading the Future. . .

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Wilma Carroll, the author of The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor spent years studying metaphysics and esoteric philosophy. Through these studies, Wilma has developed a passionate belief that everyone can enrich their lives through the understanding of spiritual principles. Wilma is dedicated to bringing a universal awareness to the power that Tarot can bring to everyones' lives.

The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor provides easy and helpful tips on how to learn the skills and techniques needed to understand Tarot. Here, Wilma explains how Tarot became such an important part of her life.

Born with an affinity to the supernatural, as a child, I spent hours pondering over the vastness of the universe and my place in it.  Thus, in an attempt to understand the meaning of life — the nature of reality — I majored in philosophy and religion in college and was serendipitously led to Tarot cards.

Wilma CarrollThese magical cards present a symbolic picture of the universe; and, by understanding the meanings of the symbols, the mysteries of the universe—hidden knowledge and secret wisdom—are revealed. That is to say, it is the study of the Tarot that fosters spiritual evolvement, which leads to a consciousness awakening.

Laden with esoteric symbols, the Tarot conveys everlasting knowledge—ancient teachings that are eternally relevant. So, as we move forward into the New Millennium and people search for ways to make a cosmic connection, the Tarot will continue to attract thousands of new followers. Their illuminating doctrine is a wonderful tool for self-awareness—the Tarot is a liaison to our higher selves.

However, it is the practical usage of these dynamo cards as a divinatory tool that sparks the development of intuition.  The cards speak a universal language; and, The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor teaches a quick method for connecting with the imagery.

Having read these enchanting cards for decades, I have seen them yield some unusual, astounding, and outrageous insights:  unexpected pregnancies, awaiting phone messages, surprise engagements, cheating spouses, speeding tickets, legal problems, sudden relocations, job offers, racetrack winners and a USA presidential winner. You never know what you will see when you look into the Tarot cards!

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