Readers rave about The Guilty One

Readers rave about The Guilty One

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We've been telling anyone who wants to listen how brilliant Lisa Ballantyne's debut novel, The Guilty One, is. Richard & Judy's autumn book club pick next week, this is a novel that will grab hold of heartstrings, not letting go til beyond the final chapter.

But don't just take our word for it. Here are some of the wonderful reader reviews we've been seeing for The Guilty One.

'I was hooked from page one, this is an outstandingly easy to read well written book that as well as being a cracking story raises some serious issues which really does leave you wondering is anything as it really seems.'

'I just want to say how much I enjoyed this book. It had me hooked from the start. And at the end I had to literally cover the page with my hand to stop my eyes from wandering so I wouldn't give the end away! It's well written and well paced too. At times heartbreaking. Like the author, I too have read 'As if' by Blake Morrison. It certainly makes you think about the whole nature vs nurture debate when considering what an individual is capable of. I can't wait for her next book'.

'The Guilty One is an impressive debut by Lisa Ballayntyne. It is beautifully written and engaging piece of novel writing.'

'I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's hard hitting without being gratuitous and the characters are finely drawn. The reader is encouraged to sympathise with the main protagonists – even though we see them "warts and all".'

'I've been very impressed by this novel, it's fast-paced and gripping and kept me guessing up until the end. It's realistic and often intense, the characters are excellently drawn. I especially enjoyed the ending, and the fact that it reflects real life in that many readers will consider it flawed and unfinished – but that's what life is!'

'The Guilty One is certainly a gripping and compelling read. From the very first chapter I am happy to say I was completely and utterly hooked.'

'The characters were extremely well written, and their actions completely believable, but the one person that really stood out for me was Minnie. She was a testament to the human spirit showing that no matter how many tragedies we have to endure, we are still capable of great love and selflessness.'

'This really was a gripping book that I would recommend. Some scenes were difficult to read and very emotional, but you will be glad you have read it.'

'The story of both boys will, I am sure, produce varying emotional reactions in any reader, but this is due to the sheer strength of the narrative rather than attempts at tear-jerking prose. I will certainly be looking out for the next novel from this author!'

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