Piatkus author Amy Ellis Nutt wins Pulitzer Prize

Piatkus author Amy Ellis Nutt wins Pulitzer Prize

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We are delighted to share the news that Piatkus author Amy Ellis Nutt has won the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. Amy was awarded the prize for her probing story of the mysterious sinking of a commercial fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean that drowned six men.

This August we will be publishing her brilliant book Shadows Bright as Glass, the truly moving story of Jon Sarkin. Sarkin's personality dramatically changed after he underwent experimental brain surgery and suffered a massive stroke.

Remarkably, he could still remember his old self. Yet, once an ordinary family man, he suddenly found himself compelled to make art, always feverishly creating and only existing in the present. He has since gone on to become an acclaimed artist. Sarkin's compelling journey is interspersed with the fascinating history of our struggle to understand the brain and just what it is that makes us who we are.

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