Patrick Holford goes digital!

Patrick Holford goes digital!

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Launched this summer, The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People app for iPad is the most innovative way to achieve 100% health.

The app includes the full text of The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People, plus a whole host of extra, exclusive material and interactive features which will help you gain even more from this best selling book.

Features include:

  • Audio introductions from Patrick for each of the secrets
  • Exclusive videos of Patrick discussing the book
  • A keyword search so that you can easily find the specific information you're looking for
  • A 'community' feature on each page that allows interaction between you, other readers and Patrick himself
  • An email template so that you can create a personalised action plan based on the tips from the book and send it straight to your inbox
  • The ability to zoom in on images and increase their size for an enhanced reading experience

Simply click here to buy the app and start your personal health programme today!

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