Need a little energy boost this Christmas?

Need a little energy boost this Christmas?

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Christmas is a fantastic time of year but it can be so exhausting. The endless parties, the lengthy shopping lists, the decorating, the cooking . . . We could all do with a little help now and then so that we can really enjoy the holiday without feeling so stressed out and tired all the time.

Have no fear! Here is your five-minute energy boost courtesy of Donna Eden and Dondi Dahlin, the authors of The Little Book of Energy Medicine. Out on the 27th of December, this fantastic pocket guide is filled with quick and easy exercises to help you increase your energy and combat stress, fatigue, mood swings and anxiety. Donna has been teaching these fantastic natural techniques to thousands of clients across the globe for the last 35 years and now you too can benefit from them.

ENERGY EXERCISE 1: Holding Your Own Stress Points

This is a great exercise to use when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. When you get stressed, up to 80 per cent of the blood leaves your forebrain to go into your arms, chest and legs in what is commonly known as the 'fight-or-flight' response. This simple technique of placing the pads of your fingers on your forehead and your thumbs on your temples impacts circulation and brings blood back to your head, helping to shift you out of the stress response.

Step 1: Lightly place your fingertips on your forehead, covering the front eminences (the bumps on your forehead directly above your eyes). Put your thumbs on your temples next to your eyes, breathing deeply. As the blood returns to your forebrain over the next few minutes, you will find yourself beginning to think more clearly.


Step 2: Lay one palm on your forehead and the other on the back of your head. Hold them there for 2 to 3 minutes, breathing deeply and comfortably. Holding the front neurovascular points (the two areas on your forehead located about an inch above each eye) returns blood to your forebrain and balances the circulation of the blood throughout your body. Holding your other hand behind your head sedates the fear points and calms your hypothalamus.


ENERGY EXERCISE 2: Gait Reflexes

This simple exercise is great for restoring your energy after a long day. On top of your feet, in the spaces between the bones that correspond with the spaces between the toes, are your gait reflexes. These are acupressure points between the metatarsal bones. Fatigue can be caused by a disturbance in your walking gait or just from being on your feet a lot. This means that the normal coordination of the muscles used in walking becomes tiring. Massaging the gait reflexes can help to restore your energy.

How to do it: With your fingers below each foot and your thumbs on the gait reflex, massage the energy down each of the five gait reflexes with your thumbs. Pull the energy off your toes. Spread the thumbs with pressure to the outside of the feet.



 The Little Book of Energy Medicine is out on the 27th of December in paperback and ebook from all good retailers. Click here for more information about the book.

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