Gaelen Foley introduces My Scandalous Viscount

Gaelen Foley introduces My Scandalous Viscount

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Historical romance author Gaelen Foley talks about writing My Scandalous Viscount, the latest novel in her fabulous Inferno Club series.

Did you ever meet “one of those guys” that you knew from the start was a heartache waiting to happen, and yet you couldn’t help yourself…?

That’s the very intimate danger the heroine of my new novel experiences as she finds herself tempted by that most devastating species, the Regency bad boy.

Sebastian Walker, Viscount Beauchamp, is known to the London ton (especially the ladies!) as “Beau.” Sexy and secretive, the golden-haired charmer wears a sunny smile like a mask — perhaps to hide his true, ruthless agenda?

For you see, Beau is one of the wild lords of the Inferno Club, that decadent private establishment for well-heeled libertines that, rumor has it, is actually a front for some sort of spy ring!

Miss Carissa Portland insists that she loathes and detests Lord Beauchamp as a typical womanizing rakehell, yet she suspects there is more to the infamous seducer than meets the eye.

The truth is, her prejudice against him is due to the fact that she’s already had one run-in with a handsome cad who nearly ruined her reputation a while back.

Fortunately, the highborn orphan Carissa has a powerful earl for an uncle, who managed to sweep her brush with scandal under the rug. But every time she looks at the delicious Lord Beauchamp, she fears another lapse in judgment. Deep down, she knows this man could easily lead her astray.

In any case, to help make sure her secret stays hidden, Carissa makes a habit of snooping into everybody else’s business in the ton. Trust me, if she could somehow magically step into our world, she could make a fortune writing for the tabloids. She knows how to get the scoop on anyone!

But when this “lady of information” (don’t dare call her a gossip!) pokes around a bit too much into Beau’s private affairs and learns more about the Inferno Club than she should, well…then Beau has to do something to keep the little Nosy Parker quiet.

Though strangling her sounds, at times, is rather tempting, and maddening as she is, he soon concludes that the best way to keep her out of mischief will be through round-the-clock surveillance…as his wife!

Take a peek at the video below for a little of the flavor of My Scandalous Viscount (though note that it features the American cover art). I’m happy to report that RT Book Reviews has given it four and a half stars!


Chapter One is available at, where you can also enter a competition to win autographed books. Hope you’ll visit soon, thanks, and happy reading!

My Scandalous Viscount is published by Piatkus on September 25th 2012.

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