Maggie's celebrates the publication of The Cancer Survivor's Companion

Maggie's celebrates the publication of The Cancer Survivor's Companion

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The publication of The Cancer Survivor’s Companion was celebrated last week with an event co-hosted by the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, and authors Dr Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins.

Held at Maggie’s Hammersmith centre, the authors were joined by cancer survivors currently seeking help from Maggie’s and a host of avid supporters of the book, including Sir Peter Stothard of the Times Literary Supplement, the Chairman of Macmillan Cancer Support Julia Palca and Professor Iain McNeish of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Asked what the inspiration was for the book, Dr Frances Goodhart said that while working as a Macmillan consultant clinical psychologist many cancer survivors asked her to recommend a good book to help them get through the difficult post-recovery period. Frances was often stumped by this question. Sadly such a book did not exist but it was badly needed. Talking one day with her friend and well-known health writer Lucy Atkins, it became clear that if there wasn’t a good enough book out there, they would have to write one.

If you are a cancer survivor, The Cancer Survivor’s Companion will help you every step of the way. It’s also invaluable if you are supporting a loved one, friend or colleague after cancer.

Praise for The Cancer Survivor’s Companion

‘As a GP, I wish I could write a prescription for this book for every single person who has ever confronted and then survived cancer’  Dr Hilary Jones

‘…essential reading for anyone diagnosed with cancer’  Julia Palca, Chairman, Macmillan Cancer Support and cancer survivor

‘People living with cancer need clear, down to earth and empowering advice to move beyond their diagnosis. This book is an important tool in that process'  Laura Lee, Chief Executive, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres

‘A wonderful book. Recovery from cancer does not stop when the chemotherapists and surgeons have said good luck and goodbye. This is not only full of excellent advice but advice given in the clearest and most practical way'  Sir Peter Stothard, Patron of the Neuroendocrine Tumour Patient Foundation

‘the essential companion to all those who have suffered from cancer’  Professor Iain McNeish, Consultant Medical Oncologist, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London

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