Journey back to Rainshadow Island with THE LOST NIGHT . . .

Journey back to Rainshadow Island with THE LOST NIGHT . . .

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We’re very excited to have just published The Lost Night, book 2 in Jayne Ann Krentz’s Rainshadow Island series (which she writes under the pseudonym Jayne Castle), and readers are in for a real treat: an exotic island, martial arts, psychic criminals – sign me up, please!


Jayne writes different series, under different pseudonyms along with her real name, and we thought this would be a great opportunity to offer readers – existing and new – a super-quick ‘Jayne Ann Krentz 101’!


Love contemporary romantic suspense? Then novels written by the author under her real name – Jayne Ann Krentz – are for you. They’re sexy, gripping and have the author’s renowned dash of paranormal, which really make them a refreshing addition to the genre.



Historical fiction more your thing? Then novels by the author which are penned under her Amanda Quick pseudonym are highly recommended. These novels will transport you to the misty and mysterious world of Victorian London, and, as Bella says, are ‘just right for gloomy days’.


Or perhaps you love your novels with a dash of the futuristic? In which case, picking up one of the author’s Jayne Castle novels needs to be at the top of your to-do list!


What to know more? The author’s website is fantastic, with lots of interesting info about her various strands and series, so head on over and explore!

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