An Interview with Jessica Blair (aka Bill Spence)

An Interview with Jessica Blair (aka Bill Spence)

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Jessica Blair's novels are loved for their romance, drama and family secrets, written in a way that is both gripping and incredibly well observed. What you might expect, perhaps, from a seasoned saga author.

What you might not expect is that Jessica Blair is actually a man.

Bill Spence has written over 20 novels under the psuedonym of Jessica Blair. While in the past, female writers have had to adopt a male name to get published, Bill has done the reverse.

In the interview below, Bill explains a little about how get gets inspiration for his novels, where his characters come from, and why having a wife and daughters may well have helped him to write these emotional, unforgettable novels.

The Red Shawl is Jessica Blair's first novel. In The Silence of the Snow is out now in hardback.

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