How good is your boss?

How good is your boss?

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Just about everyone who works has a boss, is a boss, or plays both roles. The problem is that too many bosses lack the grit, skill, and self-awareness to enable their people to do great work day after day. And too many bosses compound the problem by acting like complete jerks.

If you've ever wondered how your boss compares to the others out there, it's time for you to take the Boss Reality Assessment Survey System (BRASS) test to discover once and for all how good, or how awful, your boss really is . . .

Take the test now at –  just don't let your boss catch you doing it!

Robert Sutton is the bestselling author of The No Asshole Rule. In his new book Good Boss, Bad Boss, he turns his attention to the real assholes in the office – the bosses. Piatkus publishes Good Boss, Bad Boss on the 4th November 2010.

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