Heal and deepen your bond with the animals in your life through Reiki

Heal and deepen your bond with the animals in your life through Reiki

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Authors Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad share their own heartwarming experiences of using Reiki to heal the emotionally and physically damaged animals they have come across.

Animal Reiki is the only guide to using Reiki to treat animals. Whether you're a newcomer to the field of energy medicine, an experienced practitioner of animal lover committed to learning everything you can about your companion’s health, this book will open your eyes to a new level of healing and wellbeing. 


'Early on in my experiences with Reiki, one dog showed his acceptance and understanding of Reiki simply by becoming still. Tiger was an 18-monthold German shepherd who had been taken from his home due to cruelty. His collar had been left on since he was a puppy, so it had grown into his flesh, constricting his breathing. It had to be surgically removed, and his scar was just beginning to heal when I met him.

When I first approached him, he acted very much like a puppy, hyper and inattentive. I wondered if he would be open to Reiki at all. As he jumped and wiggled around me, I ran my hands gently over his body. When I put my hands over his neck injury, they heated up like fire and he went completely still, head hanging, eyes half-closed, as though someone had pushed the ‘pause’ button on the remote. I spent the entire treatment in this one position. His complete turn-about in demeanour quite amazed me, and I was also surprised that he was open to receiving the entire treatment on his problem area. I believed at the time (and I still do) that Reiki was reaching deeply, healing not only the physical wounds, but also his very heart' – Kathleen


'May and Jack were three-year-old sister and brother cats. They had been left alone in an apartment for two weeks before a neighbour realised she had not seen anyone come and go and called the local animal shelter. They had had water from the toilet but no food and were very thin. Both May and Jack were frightened of people and cringed when anyone came near, but May was especially scared; Jack would curl his body around her as they lay at the back of the cage, as though trying to protect her from danger as best he could.

I gave them several Reiki treatments from a short distance. Each time the same image of a sunny window in a corner with a window seat covered in soft cushions and sunlight on the adjoining wall would form in my mind. I always seemed to see it from across the room, in a doorway. The image was accompanied by a peaceful feeling and then a sense of longing. Each time I offered them Reiki for individual healing, I would also send Reiki to their situation in the hope that the right home would come to them.

After a couple of weeks, a man came into the shelter looking for his two cats. He had left them with someone he thought was trustworthy while he was out of town and was horrified when he could find neither caretaker nor cats on his return. He, May and Jack were overjoyed to see each other, and, as they departed, I found myself hoping that they were going home to the soft, sunny window seat in the corner' – Elizabeth


'I was once asked to heal a tiny koi, who was sick and hasn’t eaten for some time; because of the fish’s small size and fragility, her person was worried that she wouldn’t recover. When I first saw her, she was so ill, she was laying at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the bowl. I placed my hands near the container, about six inches away, and began to offer Reiki.

For such a tiny fish, she took an incredible amount of energy! After about 30 minutes of treatment, I felt the energy dissipate. I noticed she seemed to be breathing with less difficulty, but she still wasn’t swimming, or even upright. The next day, her person emailed me to let me know that within an hour of the treatment, she ate three worms and was now, a day later, swimming around energetically again. She decided to name her Ki Koi because of her affinity and response to Reiki energy. She’s still doing great, and growing bigger every day!' – Kathleen

About the Authors:

Kathleen Prasad is an Animal Reiki Teacher, founder of Animal Reiki Source and co-founder of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

Elizabeth Fulton is an animal communicator and Reiki Master. She works with individuals, zoos, sanctuaries, rescue and wildlife organizations worldwide.

Animal Reiki is available to buy from Piatkus priced at £12.99.           

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