HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY, Lisa Kleypas: CRYSTAL COVE and breaking the 'curse' . . .

HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY, Lisa Kleypas: CRYSTAL COVE and breaking the 'curse' . . .

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Crystal Cove, the new installment of the Friday Harbour series, hits bookshops today! It's perfect timing, it seems, to post a piece written by the author herself, Lisa Kleypas, on finding love and breaking the 'curse' you may think has prevented you from finding that love in your life. And with Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's even more important to grab onto the hope that, like Lisa and the characters in Crystal Cove, you might not as cursed you think . . .



I've been happily married to Greg for eighteen years. But before I met him, I was remarkably unlucky in love. Being single wasn't easy, let me tell you. Some people are so self-reliant and confident that they don't need a plus-one to be happy. I, however, was not one of those people. I whined. I bemoaned. I asked everyone for advice and was told:

"It'll happen when you're not looking."

"Don't be so available."

"Don't wait for him to come to you."

"Be who you are."

"You're too picky."

"Dress like librarian . . . "

". . . a slutty librarian. "

None of this works, of course. So you struggle along and do your best . . . and someday it really does happen. You meet the right one, and it's magical.

But I still remember that feeling when everyone except me had found the right person: It felt, unquestionably, like I'd been cursed. My love life had descended to a level of failure that could only have been explained by supernatural involvement.

Cursed, I tell you.

And that recollection is what gave me the idea for Crystal Cove.

One of the things I've enjoyed the most about including magic in my recent books is how it can sometimes provide the perfect metaphor for real life. Justine Hoffman, the feisty heroine of Crystal Cove, is a natural-born witch. Although she has longed for love, she has never found it.  As Justine reflects in the novel,  'She wanted the kind of love that would take her on the ride of her life. She dreamed of a man who would strip away her defenses like silk garments, until at last she could surrender all of herself.' However, in her search for a soul mate, Justine makes a terrible discovery:  long ago she was cursed never to fall in love.

In her search to find out who cursed her, and why, Justine is irresistibly attracted to a mysterious stranger, Jason Black.  As they uncover the secrets of Justine's past, they realize that love is infinitely more dangerous than either of them could have dreamed.

I hope you'll enjoy reading about Justine and Jason's journey to love, with a few sexy surprises here and there. The story is about yearning, hope, sacrifice and the fact that there are unforeseen consequences for every decision we make. Writing a novel is always like that . . . you start with an idea, never knowing precisely where it will lead you. I've come to believe that the secret to writing, as well as life, is to try and enjoy yourself along the way.





Crystal Cove is out now in stores! And visit Lisa Kleypas online to find out more about Friday Harbour and her other series, including her best-selling historicals . . .








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