Find Out How to Fight Fat After Forty . .

Find Out How to Fight Fat After Forty . .

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It's not only food and inactivity that can make you fat in midlife – so can stress. After the age of forty, the accrued stresses of a lifetime and the inevitable onset of the perimenopause begin to take their physical toll on a woman. This toxic stress builds emergency fat inside the body and leads to bad eating regimes, particularly in the over-forties.

 In a recent article on the Daily Mail's website, renowned clinician and scientist Dr Pamela Peeke explains that 'once we turn 40, our metabolic rate — in other words our ability to burn calories — drops. We lose muscle tone. We get stressed and eat more calories than we need, when what we should be doing is exercising more and controlling portion sizes.

Her point is you can stay or become thin, but it will take more effort.' But there is still hope!

In Fight Fat After Forty  Dr Peeke explains her revolutionary plan for fighting stress-eating and shedding 'toxic weight' forever.   She offers a revolutionary three-pronged approach of stress-resilient nutrition, stress-resilient physical activity and stress-resilient 'regrouping' (keeping motivated)  that helps you to identify your stress profile and eating pattern and offering healthy eating programme to suit your body. The book contains a weekly exercise and stress-reducing programme helping you to boost midlife metabolism and lose weight fast.



Fight Fat After Forty is published by Piatkus and is out now. Click here for more information.


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