Embrace change and live your dream with Dr Nicola Bunting's top tips

Embrace change and live your dream with Dr Nicola Bunting's top tips

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Personal and professional coach and author of Who Do You Want to Be? Nicola Bunting gives us tips on how to cope with change in order to turn a crisis into an exciting opportunity . . .

Did you wake up this morning feeling clear, confident, happy and focused about your day and about where your life is going? Or did you feel tired, apprehensive, maybe even hung over — literally or otherwise? Did you ask yourself: how did I get here? Or more importantly, how do I get there?

Sometimes a plane to Chicago is diverted to New York; that shopping trip to Paris on the Eurostar is scuppered by the snowdrift outside your front door; plans you've made for your life, your career, your relationships, your family and your finances can suddenly need dramatic adjustment. You need a Plan B, sometimes with little or no notice.

Change is inevitable. It can lead to conflict, disappointment and crisis, or it can lead to exciting adventures, growth and new opportunity.

So how can you navigate change successfully? How can you turn a potential crisis into an exciting adventure?

Here are 7 steps to help you surf the waves of change to your own dream destination:

1) Understand what kind of change you’re dealing with. Has something happened to you externally (like losing your job, or your partner leaving you) that you want and need to respond to? Or is it an inside-out change, where you feel restricted in your current life and work, and feel drawn to create change yourself?

2) Decide if you choose to follow your 'call to adventure'. If you do, get ready to commit to an exciting journey of change.

3) First of all, do nothing. Rather than react to external or internal pressure, take time out to reflect on who you really and want you really want before you start taking action.

4) Take some time to understand your personality. What makes you happy? What brings out the best in you? What stresses you?

5) Identify your needs, your values, and your strengths. What do you have to have in order to be happy? What inspires you? What are you effortlessly good at?

6) Create a Vision Day for yourself, a whole day you devote to creating a picture of your ideal destination. What changes do you want to make in your life and in your work? Create clarity on your destination and on the goals you need to achieve (and the timeline) to help you get there . . .

7) Enjoy the journey and stay motivated! What can you do to take great care of yourself on all levels so that your exciting journey towards your dream destination is as exciting and successful as the outcome?

Who Do You Want To Be? will walk you through each step of your journey, giving you structure and the right approach to help you embrace change and live your dream.

Who Do You Want To Be? by Nicola Bunting is available to buy at £14.99. It is also available to download as an ebook from all of the major ebook retailers, so you can add this title to your Kindle, iPad, Kobo or Sony Reader.

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