Do you have a question for Jacky Newcomb?

Do you have a question for Jacky Newcomb?

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Have you ever wondered how you tell the difference between an ordinary dream and a visitation from the afterlife? Or how to interpret the messages you're receiving from loved ones on the Other Side?

Jacky Newcomb is a multi award-winning, bestselling author and one of the UK's leading experts on paranormal experiences. She and her sister and co-author Madeline Richardson will be answering a selection of your questions live on camera in just a few weeks' time. If your question is chosen to feature in the video, you will receive a signed copy of their new book Call Me When You Get to Heaven.

To submit your question, read and make sure you understand and agree with the terms and conditions for entering the competition, then send us your name, email address and your question for Jacky and Madeline via the form below.

The video will appear on our website in October and we will contact you via the email address you provide if your question has been featured.

The closing date for sending in your question is 15th June 2011.

Please keep your question short and sweet – 250 characters or less!

In Call Me When You Get to Heaven Jacky and Madeline share the communications they have received from their beloved father, Ron, since he passed away in February 2008. This fascinating and moving memoir shows that this life is not the end and will offer comfort and hope to anyone who has lost someone they love. Call Me When You Get to Heaven will be published by Piatkus on the 10th November.

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