Discover the Secrets of the Arcane Society. . .

Discover the Secrets of the Arcane Society. . .

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The stories in the Arcane Society novels cross over between the author’s Amanda Quick historicals, Jayne Ann Krentz contemporaries and Jayne Castle futuristics, and feature her customary mix of passion and mystery, and also have a strong psychic/paranormal twist. Each Arcane Society novel can be read as a standalone but each one will provide new information about the Society and its members.

History of the Arcane Society:

The Arcane Society was founded in the late 1600s by a brilliant, reclusive, paranoid alchemist named Sylvester Jones. Jones possessed some unusual paranormal talents and he devoted his life to secret research in the field. He conducted experiments and recorded the results in a hidden fortress-like laboratory that eventually became his tomb. The laboratory-tomb of Sylvester the Alchemist was eventually discovered and excavated in the Late Victorian era by two of his descendents, Gabriel and Caleb Jones. Inside they discovered the alchemist’s most dangerous secret, a formula that Sylvester believed could enhance a person’s natural psychic abilities and make the user extremely powerful. The stuff worked – but it produced some terrifying side effects. Over the years the Arcane Society has gone to great lengths to conceal Sylvester’s formula but it haunts the Society and the Jones family to this day. . .

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