Day 5: Your Time-management Questions Answered, by expert life coach Wendy Jago

Day 5: Your Time-management Questions Answered, by expert life coach Wendy Jago

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Welcome to day five of our special time-management clinic with renowned life coach and bestselling author, Wendy Jago, whose brand new book, How to Manage Your Mammoth: The Procrastinators Guide to Getting Things Done, was published this month.

Today’s clinic will address an issue everyone struggles with – career ambition and aspirations. Although you might be able to see the light at the end of tunnel, the path is not always so clear. How do you navigate all the twists and turns without getting lost? Wendy breaks it down so you can easily envision and achieve your career goal – with breath to spare!

If you've missed any of our past clinics, they are still online. New questions will be posted every day at 4pm until Monday, 24 September. The aim is to inspire our readers to conquer their own time-management mammoths! The clinic also offers an exclusive opportunity for you to have your questions answered (for free!) by one of the most well-respected coaches in the time-management and neuro-linguistic programming field. So do please leave your own time-management questions in the comments section below and Wendy Jago will answer them for you!

Q. My career ambition seems so complicated that I just don't know where to start and I feel totally overwhelmed. What would you recommend?

The most likely cause of confusion is that you are juggling both long and short time frames and a number of different variables at once. Start by imagining yourself five to ten years into the future. Don't try to identify the exact job you will have, but focus on what sorts of things it might involve. Would it involve people, ideas, projects, problem-solving. . . ? What would excite you? Which of your talents would it engage? What sort of environment might you be working in (office, home, outdoors, solo, team, etc)?

Now go back a step. What would be the foundations – skills, qualifications, etc – for this?

Go back another step. Which of these foundations have you already laid? Make a list and tick them off.

Of the ones that are left, what might be your first step towards achieving them? Can you make a phone call, research online or send an e-mail?

Make yourself a shopping list of your foundation steps. Do one today and make space during the next week or two. This activity will help round out the information you are working with and clarify your immediate options.

Keeping checking your long-term vision to see if you're still on track. What's next? You may find that you need to (or want to) modify the version you first thought of – and that's fine, too!

You can find a more detailed version of the steps above in Chapter 10 of How to Manage Your Mammoth.

How to Manage Your Mammoth is available from all good bookshops. This title is also available as an ebook so you can add it to your Sony ereader, Kindle, Kobo or iPad.

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