Confessions of a NEW Rules Girl: Post 5

Confessions of a NEW Rules Girl: Post 5

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And so we come to the final post in our Confessions of a NEW Rules Girl series.

Over the last month we have heard from four very different women on their impartial experiences of living life by  The New Rules. Although not all of our brave volunteers managed to stick to the Rules 100% of the time, the overarching response has shown that for our NEW Rules Girls following the method outlined in this dating bible really has worked.

In our fifth and final post we hear from a London-based NEW Rules Girl who met and lost her very own Christian Grey by not following The NEW Rules. We hope you find it enjoyable and insightful.

Marital status:

Single girl about London town!

Which of The New Rules did you follow and why?

Rule 3: Don’t talk to or text a guy first
Rule 4: Don’t Ask Guys Out by Text, Facebook, Instant Messenger, or Any Other Way

How long did you follow The New Rules?

For a month. However I slipped back into bad behaviour by NOT following the rules and have now realised that the rules are the way to go!

What were the benefits of following The New Rules?

Well, after meeting my very own Christian Grey at a Fifty Shades of Grey Party on New Year’s Eve, and then not following the rules (!) I’ve realised that if I had only waited for him to text me this love story might have had a happier ending! Sadly by sending that first text and then not waiting the appropriate amount of time to text back meant that he lost interest quickly. Lesson learnt this time!!!

However, when I did follow the rules, especially Rule 3: not talking to or texting a guy first, I found that potential suitors were much keener and wanted to make that initial meeting into a firm date. They might not have been Mr Right but as the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince . . .

What was the most surprising thing you learned from reading and following The New Rules?

I’ve learnt not to rush back with a response to a text straight away and take my time and breathe! It’s hard to do when you meet someone that you have a real connection with, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to be a one date wonder!!!

Will you stick to The New Rules?

For sure!

The New Rules by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider is available in paperback and as an ebook from all good booksellers now. Find out more and read an extract here or join the conversation online using #TheNEWRules.

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