Change Anything gets off to a flying start!

Change Anything gets off to a flying start!

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Going back to work after a glorious Bank Holiday weekend always feels a little gloomy, so we were delighted to hear that the fantastic Change Anything has debuted at #3 in the New York Times bestseller list! The good news doesn't stop there however, as it also hit #1 in the Wall Street Journal Business chart and USA Today Money. We couldn't ask for a better start for this amazing book and to celebrate, here are some tips from the Change Anything team for making lasting changes in your life:

Kick-start your career…

1. Visualise what you really want. When you hit a motivational wall while changing your work habits, you can motivate yourself by reconnecting with what you really want. Create a Personal Motivation Statement that helps you visualize the respect you’ll gain after a promotion or the freedom you’ll gain from a higher salary.

2. Find a trusted mentor. Changing habits requires help. Find a trusted mentor to encourage your progression and help you navigate the career development opportunities that exist within the organisation.

3. Put money at risk. Reward yourself for reaching short-term goals by placing money at risk. For example, if you reach your goal in your next performance review you can purchase a reward with the money you set aside. However, if you fall short, the money goes to support the political party you oppose.

Improve your relationships…

1. Get a reality check. Motivate yourself to strengthen your relationship by realising your part in the problem and visualising the harmful effects of your poisoned relationship, such as divorce. Challenge thoughts that make ending the relationship look unrealistically attractive.

2. Don’t gripe with friends. Friends play a large role in the health of relationships and in the decision to divorce one’s spouse. Surround yourself with friends who refrain from speaking ill of their significant other—or who are better examples of healthy relationship behaviour.

3. Celebrate a ‘good week.’ Reward yourselves with a fun night out after having a ‘good week.’ This short-term reward will punctuate early wins and draw attention to the improvements you are making.

Get out of debt…

1. Turn saving into a game. Motivate yourself to overcome temptations to spend by imaging the Default Future you’re heading toward. Make saving and debt reduction fun by turning it into a game and tracking your progress.

2. Celebrate short-term wins. As you gain control over your finances, you will experience tremendous intrinsic rewards, such as peace of mind. You can also reward yourself for sticking to your financial plan by going on a low-cost (or cost-free) date night with your significant other.

3. Control your environment. Harness the power of technology to help you reach your financial goals. For example, download an app that readily displays your balance in each budget category, or cut up credit cards and only use cash for purchases.

Beat your addiction…

1. Remember your long-term aspirations. Motivate yourself to break free of your addiction by thinking about your long-term aspirations when the going gets tough. Write a brief but powerful Personal Motivation Statement that connects you with what or who you love more than your addiction and read it slowly when you have cravings.

2. Develop strategies to resist urges. Research the effects your addiction has on both yourself and others. Talk to your doctor or psychologist to learn about withdrawal systems and how you can develop skills for dealing with urges. Identify the crucial moments when you are most likely to succumb and develop clear strategies for how you’ll prevent or manage them.

3. Don’t do it alone. Changing habits requires help. This may involve joining a group led by someone who has overcome your addiction. These coaches can be a powerful influence in providing you with positive feedback to help you regain freedom.

Change Anything reveals the Six Sources of Influence that affect your daily decisions and shows you how you can make them work in your favour, helping you to achieve your goals. This groundbreaking approach will empower you to re-examine the way you go about your business and your personal life. Whatever it is you want to change, this book will provide you with the tools to Change Anything.

Change Anything is available to buy now from Piatkus, priced at £12.99.

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