Celebrate Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother's Day

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This Sunday is the day to celebrate all the things about your mum. Here are a few Piatkus books that follow the different stages of motherhood from the first few years, sending them off to school and finally seeing your children fly the nest. . .

How Mothers Love

Naomi Stadlen's How Mothers Love focuses on the importance of initmacy between mother and baby, looking at the unspoken connection that only a mother can have with her child. Mothers describe falling in love with their babies and then, more slowly, learning to understand them. Children flourish when their mothers love and understand them.
For over 20 years, Naomi Stadlen has listened to hundreds of mothers talking at her weekly discussion groups. In How Mothers Love she offers unique insights into how mothers and babies learn to communicate intimately with one another.

Review for What Mothers Do:

'This book is amazing . . . It doesn't tell you what to do but reassures you that you're not alone' Mother and Baby Magazine
When most people think of Goldie Hawn they instantly conjure up her award-winning films but now Goldie has turned her attention to something much closer to her heart – the happiness of children.
10 Mindful Minutes offers a practical guide for parents to help children cope with stress, improve concentration and lead happier lives.
Based on the MindUP programme, supported by the Hawn Foundation, 10 Mindful Minutes outlines short, practical exercises for parents and children – taking less than 10 minutes – to help young children and teenagers reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and academic performance, effectively manage emotions and behaviour, develop greater empathy for others and the world, and be more optimistic and happy. Representing the culmination of years of research and programmes developed by the Hawn Foundation currently being used by schools internationally, this book will help children and parents develop mindfulness which has been proven to promote more effective learning and happier lives.
10 Mindful Minutes entered the Amazon bestseller charts at No.5 and we hope to see this become a classic and essential parenting title.
'This is a remarkable book. It is full of wisdom for us all – parents and other care-givers – inviting us to taste mindfulness for ourselves. Here is chance not to be missed: to learn from the inside how mindfulness can help us to see clearly and respond wisely to the emotional and developmental needs of our children. Read it and use it: you may find you are doing nothing less than giving back to your children their childhood, while they still have the chance to live it' Mark Williams
More than half a million parents confront the empty nest for the first time each year.  It is one of the most challenging phases of parenting, often creating feelings of loss, lack of purpose and crisis of identity which can lead to depression.  Yet it receives little recognition.  And contrary to popular opinion it doesn't only affect women who've put their careers on hold: working mothers and fathers suffer too. Equally, it can be a period of liberation and discovery of new challenges, when marriages long overstressed by childcare can be rejuvenated.Celia Dodd's The Empty Nest includes plenty of people's experiences; expert comment and advice; and a practical strand full of ideas, inspiration and tips. There is a strong focus on the postive aspects of  the changing relationship with your children to ensure a fulfilling and good relationship going forward, an area of parenting often ignored.
'A big hug of a book. Manages to be both realistic and optimistic  - and not at all patronising – at what can be a bleak and frightening time. A lifesaver, opening up all kinds of possibilities'  Angie Mackensie, TV Presenter
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