Calling all Sherrilyn Kenyon fans… Brand new series coming later this year!

Calling all Sherrilyn Kenyon fans… Brand new series coming later this year!

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We have exciting news for you today: Sherrilyn Kenyon is writing a new series of urban fantasy thrillers called The Belador Code, about a league of international warriors with extraordinary abilities who rise up to save mankind from supernatural terrorists.

The first novel in the series, Blood Trinity, will be on UK book shelves in November 2010. Here's a bit of info to whet your appetite:

Three warriors bound by a Code of Honour face a world of trouble …

Evalle Kincaid – An Alterant (part Belador and part unknown species). A half breed, she works twice as hard as the pure blood Beladors. The Beladors are studying her as her powers progress and develop, fearing that these powers may one day turn against her and humanity. Her loyalties are divided between three loves: one human, one non-human and her duties.

Tzader Burke – A Belador. Lethal and unforgiving to his enemies, Tzader is a second generation Belador leader with a special bond to the tribe's warrior queen Brina. Many think he has a death wish, but he's really just out for blood.

Vladimir Quinn – A Belador. Wealthy, suave and deadly, Quinn is an international stockbroker who loves living life to the limit when he's not on a dangerous mission. With exceptional fighting skills and psychic powers, he has the ability to lock minds and will happily fight his enemies to the death … except for one he made the mistake of saving.

Keep an eye on the Sherrilyn Kenyon UK website for more information and further updates!

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